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No matter how many fabrics there are in the world, silk would always top all of them. Textile experts term pure silk as the superlative fabric among all cloths. The reason is its softness, lightweight and shine which is unmatched. Any other fabric fails to surpass the wonderful luster of silk sarees.

The ethnic trademark of India, silk sarees have been around for centuries. They are a mark of exclusiveness and festivity. From the queen of saris, Kanchipuram, to the trendy designer saris, silk saris rule the ethnic fashion. They are integral to an Indian woman’s wardrobe.

We have designed our online store to cater to the masses who love ethnic wear especially silk saris. Even if you are an international customer, the process of getting your saree to your doorstep is a breeze through our portal. Feel the magnificence and prepare to turn heads at any event with our saris.


  • The Yangshao culture from China in 3000 BC were the first ones to invent silk.
  • The myth says a Chinese empress discovered silk thread from the cocoon of the silkworm and kept it for weaving.
  • Having found the quality of the silk, she began researching and founding silkworm farming.
  • The import of silk started from China, but the Chinese kept sericulture (silkworm culture) a secret. This created the monopoly of silk production in China.
  • A symbol of wealth, government officials were paid with silk fabric.
  • Only royals could wear it as a rule.
  • Silkworm culture reached other countries after 500 AD, and that too via smuggling.
  • In India, evidence of silk was found from the era of Indus Valley civilization.
  • India is now the second-largest producer of silk.
  • It is also the largest consumer of silk due to customary silk sarees.
  • Kanchipuram, Mysore, and Banaras are few of the places in India which are a hub of silk saree weaving.


  • Silk is the most exquisite fabric and its name is synonymous with a smooth texture.
  • A specific name is given to silk production, that is, ‘sericulture’.
  • It is a natural fiber which is great for human skin.
  • The silk yarn is very durable.
  • It is a cool fabric, ideal for summers.
  • People recognize and value the Indian silk sarees worldwide.
  • They can last way longer than other fabrics and retain their embroidery and color even after years of use.


The variety of silk sari is so immense that you will find many of them appropriate for each kind of event. Be it a close, casual gathering or a pompous wedding, you can flaunt these everywhere.

A plain silk sari with minimal jewelry would be apt for a private, close gathering. Whereas, a printed silk saree with a designer blouse can be good for semi-formal events.

For birthdays, anniversaries and other such festivities, opt for a plain silk sari with delicate embroidery on borders. As for weddings and religious festivals, our traditional sarees like the Kanchipuram or Mysore would be the ideal pick.

Yuvina Fashion offers an amazing variety in red, yellow, green, purple, golden, blue and pink colors.


Following types of fabric are available in the present age:

  • Pure silk: this includes the mulberry, tussar or jute silk.
  • Art silk: or artificial silk made from polyester or nylon.


  • PLAIN:

Simplicity makes one look elegant. Our stunning sarees, though plain, are the best way to let the focus on your persona rather than the design of the saree. Also, they are a way to enhance another thing in your outfits such as a trendy designer blouse or stylish jewelry.


Marvelous prints such as tie and dye, digital, or floral, are a fabulous way to look enticing. As printed fabrics appeal many, you will be a definite stunner wearing printed silk saree at any party.

  • FANCY:

The bling factor added to fancy silk sarees makes them worthy of formal use. They look alluring and chic. No occasion is complete without them.


glossy and glamorous party wear silk sarees sell like hotcakes. This shows the affinity Indian women have for these. Our webshop also showcases some stunning pieces to choose from.


our unique, precious sarees with heavy embroidery and designer blouses look great on weddings and receptions. Bridal silk sarees are splendid and will make a bride’s day even more special. Browse our lustrous and heavily adorned nine-yards for your wedding day.


The ethnic nine-yards of India is a trademark. They have been around for centuries and women of all ages and castes love them. Different states of India produce a different kind of silk saris. They even pass on as heirlooms from one generation to the next. Traditional silk sarees is a generic term for the following kinds of saris:

  1. Kanchipuram silk sarees
  2. Bandhani silk sarees
  3. Mysore silk sarees
  4. Chanderi silk sarees
  5. Banarasi saris
  6. Patola saris
  7. Paithani saris
  8. Kota sarees


  • Either hand wash your saree delicately, or dry clean them to avoid fabric damage.
  • Always store them in muslin bags with naphthalene balls as they are a natural fiber which attracts bugs.
  • Iron on low heat, preferably by putting a cloth over them.
  • Never use a cloth cleaning brush on your saree.

International customers would be glad to hear that they can easily order their favorite saree and get it safely and swiftly delivered. Residents from the USA, UK, Canada, Dubai and elsewhere can buy online quickly to not get disappointed by finished stocks!

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