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Satin Sarees


Who doesn’t love the silky feel of satin? It is the richest of all fabric and looks regal. Royals wear satin on special occasions. Satin Sarees look radiant because of its luster.

The smooth feel of satin makes it a comfortable fabric. The word “satin” is synonymous with smoothness. If a smoothness of a thing is to be described, we say it is satin-like. Sarees made out of satin are popular and never go out of trend.

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  • Origin of satin takes us back to the Middle Ages.
  • It got immense popularity in Europe in the twelfth century.
  • The peculiar soft silkiness of the fabric attracted the Royals and they embraced it.
  • After its success in Europe, satin made its way to the Middle east.
  • As it was luxurious, there also it got acceptance and Arabs felt it worthy enough to adorn.
  • Pure satin was an expensive fabric so mostly the wealthy used to buy it.
  • The invention of power looms, nylon and polyester, it became affordable and available easily.


  • Satin is a soft, silky smooth cloth.
  • One of its sides is silky and shiny. While the other one is dull.
  • It is not a breathable fabric. Still, its cool feel makes it fit for use in summers.
  • It is not possible to dye satin in every color.
  • The feel of the fabric feels amazing on skin as it is slippery.
  • A sari of this fabric can drape neatly.
  • It suits all body types which makes it a popular choice among ladies.


The unique style of weaving the fabric is called the “satin weave”. It is a process where four horizontal yarns (weft) are covered by one vertical yarn (warp). This results in the distinctive silky smoothness of satin.


Other than sarees, satin use in upholstery, curtains, bedspreads, wedding gowns and luxury nightwear.  It is due to the sleek surface of satin that anything made from it feels luxurious. One more use of it is the inner lining of deluxe wear.


  • Plain:  a plain satin saree looks ravishing enough even without any embellishment. You can flaunt it even on formal occasions as the sheen of it alone would make you feel elegantly dressed.
  • Printed: splendid designs are available in printed satin sarees. For example, a digital print satin sari is a prime example of trendy ethnic wear.
  • Chiffon: a favorite among urban saree lovers, chiffon tends to go well with any fabric and design. So is the case with satin. Both fabrics blend to form graceful, lustrous nine-yards to suit any formal occasion.
  • Georgette: an easy to manage, silky satin georgette sari is a great option for semi-formal events. The amazing fabric will make you comfortable instantly. It is available in fabulous designs.
  • Designer: chic and stylish designer satin sarees await you on our webshop. Buy them before stocks vanish.
  • Patta sarees: they are the kind of sarees which have the body of another fabric but its borders are of satin. Depending on the design, patta sarees can have one or more than one strip of satin cloth on its borders.


  1. The best way to wash a satin saree is dry cleaning it.
  2. It has low tolerance for harsh chemicals so spare it from detergents.
  3. To avoid burning a saree, iron it by putting a muslin or cotton cloth over it.
  4. Keep it stored in a separate bag with naphthalene balls to keep bugs away.

satin sarees

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