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Patola Sarees


One of the many specialties of Gujarat is the patola sarees it produces. The town of Patan, Gujarat is the place where the weavers show their mastered skills and churn out the fine saris.

Patola sari is made with a specific technique of resist dyeing the threads and then weaving it into the nine-yard masterpiece. This is called the double ikat technique. The delicate designs, magnificent colors and the level of mastery involved make it a popular choice all over the world. 

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  • The 12th century saw royal Solanki Rajputs and who’s who of Gujarat bringing the Salvi weavers of Karnataka to Gujarat.
  • The 700 weavers chose Gujarat as the center of weaving ikat patola sarees.
  • These saris are being made since as long as the 13th century.
  • Even after centuries, they remain a trademark of Gujarat.
  • The current weavers belong to the 16th generation of the Salvi weavers, which is proof that the talent runs down as inheritance from father to son.
  • They are purely handloom saris and require a lot of precision.


  • The process involves a lot of presence of mind and mathematical calculations.
  • The first step is to decide the pattern.
  • The yarn and cotton thread are then tied according to the pattern.
  • Then, the dyeing process starts and it takes multiple cycles to dye the yarn.
  • Keen inspection is needed as a slight disturbance can result in ruining of the pattern.
  • More than one person do this complicated weaving.
  • It takes at least six months to complete a single patola saree.


  • Making of the saree is one of the most complicated skills.
  • Centuries have gone but still, patola remains a trademark of Gujarat.
  • It is not possible to differentiate between the sides of the sari as both look the same.
  • The dyers use natural dyeing agents for thread dyeing.
  • Due to the double ikat dyeing, these sarees are colorfast and retain their original color for centuries.
  • Wealthy people wear these saris on special festivals.
  • The motifs of the saree can vary from abstract, geometrical designs to parrots, flowers, elephants, and paan.
  • Wearing this saree is a symbol of prosperity and good luck.
  • They look good on all body types, but best on curvy women.
  • No matter how fashionable the younger generation becomes, the appealing design makes even them embrace it with lots of zeal.


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The pure, lustrous silk we have is going to make you shine at any event. This category includes jacquard, pure silk and synthetic silk saris in patola weave.


This one is also a very popular option among Indin women. Cotton saris are the best ones in terms of color, durability, and comfort.


look scintillating in a net sari of patola style. The lightweight of the net is a contrast from otherwise heavy patola, but it looks equally rich.


The golden fiber jute is also a choice of many when it comes to patola sari. We have beautiful designs in appealing colors in this category.


Authentic and rich, the Patan sarees are the trademark of Gujarat. Also known as Gujarati saree, they are dazzling and pour out ethnicity in its best form. They usually have motifs of elephants, birds, and humans.


These are also a type of patola originating from Hyderabad Deccan.


This luxurious blend brings together two popular Indian saris that are the banarasi and the patola. The weaving technique of Gujarat and the pattern of Banaras look beautifully rich together.


Following the latest trends doesn’t mean you have to forget your heritage. A combination of both results in amazing attires. Designers work tirelessly to introduce new trends while not forgetting the roots. Browse our exclusive designer sarees in this category.


  1. Avoid using harsh detergents on the sari.
  2. Make sure you protect it with prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.
  3. Store in a muslin bag.

How to wear Patola saree?

In this video, you will get more information about Gujrati Patola saree.

Patola Sarees

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