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Mysore Silk Saree


India has a vast variety of traditional sarees, each having a separate fan base. The ones we will be talking about here are the ever-popular Mysore silk sarees. The silk for these sarees is the richest. They have a special place in sari lovers’ hearts.

When we talk about ethnic silk sarees, the one that can not miss being mentioned is the classic Mysore silk saree. Made from the highest quality yarn of mulberry silk, this saree is fine formal wear. The color and embroidery options in Mysore saree are manifold. 

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Let’s dive deeper into the world of beautiful Mysore sarees.


  • In the early 1780s, Tipu Sultan reigned the kingdom of Mysore.
  • Once, an ambassador from China came to Mysore and gave a fine silk cloth as a gift to Tipu Sultan.
  • The silk yarn from Mysore was used to make beautiful Mysore saris.
  • Eventually, many other South Indian states also started doing the same.
  • He liked the finesse and feel of silk so much that he decided his kingdom will also start the production of this fabric.
  • After a lot of research on silk production, Tipu Sultan established a silk production industry in Karnataka where silkworms breeding was done.


  • Mysore silk sarees have 100% pure zari work on them.
  • They traditionally have beautiful golden borders.
  • The manufacturing of Mysore saris takes place in India’s oldest manufacturing unit, that is, Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation (KSIC).
  • These sarees are also known as Ksic Mysore silk sarees.
  • They are an integral part of every Indian Woman’s wardrobe.
  • The body of this sari is usually plain, which diverts the focus onto the elaborate border and pallu.
  • The pallu in exquisite and decorative.
  • People from India and all over the world have an affinity for this saree due to its unique design.
  • If maintained well, the shine of this saree will last for a very long time.


  • The first step is the feeding of silkworms which comprises of mulberry plant leaves and wood.
  • The worms produce silk yarn.
  • The yarn is then treated further by soaking, twisting and winding after which it is ready to be weaved.
  • The fabric weavers then weave the sari in unique designs and patterns.


The South Indian Mysore silk sarees are available in many fabric blends which are as under:


Pure Mysore silk sarees are an attire desired by all Indian women. They hold an exclusive place among ethnic saris and are top-rated for their quality.


The pure silk yarn and cotton yarn are woven together to form the popular Mysore cotton silk sarees. They also give a soft feel and look great on all body types.


This type of saris, which are a blend of georgette and silk thread, is very durable. They drape very well. Moreover, the pleats formed in this saree look very neat.


One more category in these Mysore saris are the light Mysore chiffon sarees. The chiffon thread blended with silk thread is a very trendy option for the sari. It will allow the women wearing it to look slim. They are super-easy to manage.


  • The first two or three washes should be done with only water.
  • After that, you can use a mild detergent.
  • Never soak your saree for a long time.
  • Never dry in direct sunlight.
  • Iron on low heat.
  • Wrap in muslin to store.

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Types of Pure Mysore Sarees

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