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Kanchipuram Sarees


If you ever take a tour of any Indian woman’s wardrobe, you will find at least one Kanchipuram sarees in there. The other names for this sari are kanjeevaram or Kanchi sari. This one stands on the pinnacle of the vast sari world. It is hugely popular and a high-quality weave.

This nine-yard variant comes from the town of Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu. Weavers adorn the pallu of this sari with Zari work, a specialty of Gujarat. So basically, these sarees are a blend of two cultures.

We at Yuvina Fashion have carefully made the range of best kanjeevaram sarees for women who love and value them. Our collection will leave you spellbound as we have vibrant hues and intricate pallu designs. You will love the intricate, unique patterns on our sarees.

Women wear Kanchipuram sarees on special occasions. This is because they term it as a highly prestigious saree, unlike contemporary, chic ones.


the history of kanjeevaram takes us way back to Hindu mythology Deities. According to historians, Sage Markanda was the Master of weavers for Gods. The current weaving communities of Kanchipuram are from his lineage. Therefore, the heritage of this saree is quite sacred.

The silk weavers settled in the town of Kanchipuram almost 400 years ago. This shows how old is the actual history of kanjeevaram sari. Hundreds of years later, kanchipuram still enjoys the status of the queen of all sarees. Its significance in the present day and age is evident enough of its superior quality and splendid design.


  • The sarees are woven from the top quality mulberry silk from Kanchipuram.
  • The town has more than 20000 looms.
  • Each year, nearly 5 lakh sarees are produced and shipped worldwide.
  • The silk yarn for the sari goes through a special process. Yarn makers dip it in rice water and then dry it in sunlight.
  • Also known as the queen of all traditional saris, kanjeevaram is the epitome of finesse.
  • The design of the border and the rest of the sari differ as a custom.
  • The weavers weave the sari and the border separately and join them later with strong, zig-zag thread pattern.
  • To make the zari pallu, three threads are used. A silk thread, silver wire, and a gold thread. This explains the durability of kanjeevaram.
  • The border and pallu attachment is so strong it won’t detach even if the saree tears.


  • SILK:

An authentic and pure Kanchipuram silk saree is made from pure mulberry silk. Although inflation and rising demand have paved way for synthetic varieties, pure ones are still the rage.


Light and lustrous organza kanjeevaram saris look very ethnic. They are available in dazzling colors and designs on our online store.


We have in store amazing printed sarees in kanjeevaram style. This is a very awesome category as Indian women love prints and Kanchi sarees equally.


Nothing can match up to the mark of handloom saris. The skills of the handloom weavers are intricate and precise. Handloom Kanchi sarees are heavy and expensive as compared to mechanic looms saris.

  • PATTU:

South Indian silk sarees are known as pattu sarees. We have a vibrant collection of Kanchipuram pattu sarees that you will love.


Royal standard saree for the royal standard bride! Brides who wish to wear a lavish kanjeevaram for their d-day will find lots of choices on our portal.

  • FANCY:

Although, we need not mention how fancy Kanchi sarees are. A fit for all kinds of formal events, fancy Kanchipuram sarees are available in eye-catching designs.


  • Hand Wash your saree with a mild detergent.
  • Never iron on high.
  • Keep covered with a muslin cloth to preserve the zari work and color.

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How to wear South Indian silk saree?

Lots of peoples are aware to wear saree perfectly. They buy expensive sarees but they don’t wear perfectly to look more beautiful. You don’t do that type of mistake that’s why here I added short video for you to teach saree wearing.

Kanchipuram sarees

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