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the natural fiber of jute crop gives us a soft, shiny fabric which we use in traditional wear. the silken and lustrous jute sarees are one of the most eco-friendly materials. Not only this is the need of the hour, but wearing natural fibers are very good for our skin as well.

If you desire a sober look for an occasion, jute saree can be your perfect choice. They are comfortable, durable and available in every color. Our collection is a well-curated, high-quality one with splendid jute saris.

Living away from your homeland won’t be bothersome for you in terms of saree shopping. We have specifically designed our portal to help international clients get a great shopping experience. The quality of the fabric is such that you would reorder! Our clientele has been regular in giving positive feedback.


  1.   Jute is a fiber that we obtain from jute crop. The biggest cultivators of jute crop are India, Bangladesh, and China.
  2.   The farmers follow the process of retting and stripping to obtain fiber for the yarn.
  3.   It is a natural fiber cloth, much skin-friendlier than synthetic fabrics.
  4.   The fabric has much more breathability than other natural fabrics like silk.
  5.   Jute is known as the Golden fiber due to a luster it has.
  6.   A very strong and durable choice. Lasts long in the wardrobe.
  7.   Easy to maintain due to its strength and color retaining qualities.
  8.   The uniformity of this yarn gives it a smooth feel.
  9.   Affordable cloth due to the mass production of the crop.
  10.   Lightweight and soft fabric.
  11.   Easy blending with other fibers such as cotton, linen, and silk. This helps jute to be as versatile as other popular fabrics.
  12.   Eco-friendly clothing; the need of the hour.
  13.   Easy dying of the fiber is possible. It is colorfast cloth.
  14.   Jute gives a highly sophisticated look to its wearer. This makes it popular among women of all ages.
  15.   It suits every body type and drapes in a manageable way.


When it comes to variety, Yuvina Fashion’s website won’t disappoint you. Now, Jute saree online purchase is easier than ever before. We have a vast range of many types to suit your style. With eye-pleasing styles to dazzling colors, our selection is enthralling.

  • Jute silk:

Captivating jute silk is a blend of silk and jute fibers. Women admire sarees of jute silk a lot. They give a slight shine which makes them perfect form wear. available in many colors and designs only on Yuvina fashion’s portal.

  • Jute cotton:

Another fabric blend, jute, and cotton give us the comfortable jute cotton sarees. Fit for both casual and semi-formal wear, these saris are in high demand. They are very durable as well.

  • Jute net:

jute fibers are used to make jute net sarees in pleasing colors and styles. like the net fabric from silk, this too is a classy and trending form of sarees. They give a chic look and are suitable for formal events.

  • Jute linen:

Just the name of linen gives us comfort vibes. A blend of jute and linen produces magnificent, cool sarees for regular and evening wear. we have beautiful designs in this category.

  • Raw jute:

This refers to jute fiber that hasn’t been treated with chemicals. Its a slightly coarse material. You can find raw jute saris here at our online store for your occasional needs.

  • Banarasi:

The banarasi weave is not only done on silk and cotton but jute as well. Jute banarasi sari gives ethnic feels and looks regal.

  • Jute pattu:

South Indian pattu sari is also available in jute fabric. Their popularity is not just within the South, but all over India and beyond. We have a nice collection of pattu styles just for our valuable customers.

  • Plain:

Plain jute sarees are available for online shopping. With bold and sober colors, plain saris look tremendously decent. You can pair them with a printed or embellished blouse to enhance your beauty.

  • With golden border:

A very admirable option is a saree with golden border. Just an addition of some golden, an otherwise plain saree becomes worthy of formal wear.

The sarees from Yuvina Fashion stand out due to their unique designs, beautiful colors, and durability. We make sure you get what you see. This has helped us carve a niche in ethnic wear online shopping for many years. Buy a fine, alluring Jute sari from us today. With our smooth and safe delivery process, you will get your saree anywhere in the world in very less time.

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