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Cotton is hands down the most comfortable fabric. It is a breezy, cool cloth due to which people all around the world love it! Traditional sarees from India are available in cotton. This is because women prefer it in hot weather.

These saris have been the most sought after attire for women hailing from the Indian subcontinent. Besides being soft and cool, they are very elegant. They give a subtle look which is a desire of every woman. 

If you have roots back in the Indian subcontinent and miss your very own cotton saree, we have your back. With our deluxe collection available online, we cater to a local and international clientele since 2014. 

You can enjoy hassle-free online shopping with us. We have a collection of exclusive pure cotton sarees in dazzling colors and designs. Put your trust in us and enjoy shopping from anywhere.


  •   They are very strong and durable.
  •   A perfect choice for summers and equally ideal for winters.
  •   They come in an abundant variety to suit every occasion.
  •   India grows the cotton crop in mass quantity. Therefore, it is easy to obtain, and of great quality.
  •   It is available at very cheap rates. Cotton saree on our portal is available in as low as 30$.
  •   They are lightweight, making it great to wear regularly.
  •   Ever wondered why most heirloom sarees are in cotton?


the saree weavers begin the process by dying cotton yarn in color. Then the yarn is placed on handlooms. The warp and weft are incorporated skillfully. Nowadays, mechanic looms are more common for sari weaving. Still, handloom sarees have their value and demand.


Enthralling sarees in magnificent shades are the pride of Yuvina Fashion. Along with superior quality, our cotton sarees are colorfast. You don’t have to worry when buying red, green, blue, pink, yellow or any other colored sarees from us. We assure you of the quality of our dyes so your sari won’t ruin anytime soon.



  • Bandhani:

Beautiful tie and dye bandhani cotton sarees are available in pleasing designs. We bring you skilled craftsmanship from Rajasthan to your doorstep.

  • Banarasi:

Expert work from weavers of Banaras is right here to bedazzle you. Our banarasi cotton saree is rich and elegant beyond words.

  • Chanderi:

Saree lovers in India and abroad love to own a masterpiece chanderi saree. Very lightweight and sheer, these chanderi cotton sarees are splendid and comfortable simultaneously.

  • Kota:

the Kota Doria sarees in cotton are much in demand and look ethereal. The Kota work sarees look ethnic. Due to the cotton fabric, their comfort quotient is way higher.

  • Bengali:

Who doesn’t love pretty Bengali sarees? Replicate Aishwariya’s look from Devdas with our classic Bengali cotton sarees. Our range consists of fabulous designs at affordable prices.

  • South Indian:

South Indian cotton sarees are a centuries-old trend. But, as some things never go out of trend, these sarees are here to stay.


  • Plain:

There is a unique charm in plain cotton sarees. Women wear them domestically and give ethnic vibes. Some women from the subcontinent still long to wear cotton saris even if they settle abroad. We have a fine collection of these classics at our portal.

  • Printed:

What’s better than a cotton saree in beautiful print? Browse our wide range of printed cotton sarees and order one for yourself now. Get your wardrobe a traditional saree this summer with Yuvina Fashion’s collection.

  • Fancy:

Fancy or party wear cotton sarees are like a breath of fresh air in this hot weather. If you want style without a compromise on comfort, these saris are a great option for you.

  • Designer:

designer sarees have potential to woo onlookers like no other apparel. Chic and trendy designs along with the comfort of cotton are available on our online shop.


  •   Always wash your saree with a mild detergent to preserve color.
  •   Treat stains instantly.
  •   Avoid bleaching to prevent wear and tear.
  •   Iron on medium-high setting.

Our classic pure cotton collection awaits you. With us, you will have a hassle-free and enjoyable experience. With our fast and secure delivery process, you won’t be stressed for your order at all. Happy shopping!

cotton sarees

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