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Bandhani Saree


The majestic Bandhani sarees is a trademark of Rajasthan. They are also called bandhej sarees. They are an eye-catching type of sari. The tie and dye technique gives them the special magnificence. Its name comes from the Hindi word “Bandhan” which means a knot.

Bandhani sari is the identity attire of many Indian communities. Especially, Rajasthani and Gujarati women wear them regularly. The beauty of bandhani sarees has impressed all and sundry. Which is why all sari loving women own them.

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  • Bandhej or bandhani saris are the oldest among traditional Indian sarees.
  • There is concrete evidence which shows the presence of bandhani sarees in the Indus Valley Civilization.
  • According to century 6th  paintings found at Ajanta caves, the bandhani art was present even then
  • It is a belief that if a bride wears this sari, she will get good luck.
  • Historical texts from the time of Alexander give proof of praising of bandhani sarees.


Tie and dye technique is a form of intricate art. The cloth is plucked and tied in different ways. Then the craftsmen immerse it in dye. We get a gorgeous, patterned fabric after removing the ties. 

Craftsmen have been trying numerous techniques to make unique patterns. In addition to it, different kinds of dyes, make different varieties of bandhani.

The patterns of these sarees are very fine. This is possible by the use of fingernails to pluck very little fabric. Then, skilled craftsmen tie that little portion of cloth neatly. Special care is taken to dye.


  • Some trends never get old. Same is the case with bandhani sarees which are an ancient type but still loved.
  • Women from Rajasthan and Gujrat opt for bandhani sarees the most.
  • The finest bandhani comes from Bikaner and Sikar district from Rajasthan.
  • Thicker and broader patterned sarees come from Punjab and Madhya Pradesh.
  • The fabrics for bandhani sari are strong and durable. This helps to bear extensive tying and heavy-duty dying.
  • They look pretty on any type of festivity.


Show here, Different types of Bandani Sarees.


Soft and lustrous bandhej saris are available in silk fabric. A perfect choice for wedding functions and traditional events.


We have enticing crepe bandhani sarees on our portal. Crepe is a light, sheer fabric making it a good option for summer wear.


No one can beat the classic cotton bandhani sarees. They are colorfast and gorgeous beyond words. Fabric cotton is common all over the world. In hot climate, women opt for cotton bandhej sarees for festive occasions.


These sarees are common in Gujarat. Our customers with Gujarati roots will be delighted to see our collection. Splendid colors and designs are available in the range.


Kutchi saris are yet another precious type of saree. They have fine bandhani pattern on them. Available in various colors to please the eye.


Browse mesmerizing Rajasthani saris right here. Traditional and classic, these sarees have wooed everyone since ages.


Banarasi and bandhani style compliment each other quite well. This is evident by the saris we have in store for you.


Mostly, the bandhani is on plain fabric. But in recent times, the use of printed cloth for this purpose has increased. We have some amazing printed saris just for you.


We can vouch that present-day designers are doing a great job in style and ethnicity blending. Designer wear is getting popular with each passing day. So, it’s evident that designer saris are getting famous among the masses.


Buy beautiful and head-turning saris online from UK, USA or the Middle East. Get your favorite saree delivered at your doorstep. We value our customer’s money by giving high quality at affordable rates.

How to wear bandhani sarees?

Lots of people are don’t know how to wear bandhani saree perfectly to look slim and beautiful, that’s why I added this video.

bandhani sarees

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