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Banarasi Sarees


Banarasi sarees are one of the claims to fame of Indian heritage. Everyone knows this attire this is because it is rich and splendid in design. Saree lovers around the world value the lustrous banarasi weave a lot! It is a must-have in every Indian woman’s wardrobe.

The variety of these sarees is limitless! They are available in numerous designs and motifs. Also, they are available in all kinds of fabric. Yuvina fashion brings you a beautiful collection of banarasi saris. You can order them from anywhere worldwide.

Not living in India is no more a hindrance in buying a saree. You don’t have to plead a native friend to send you one.  Neither you have to rely on someone else’s choice now! Browse our wide range of banarasi saree and choose the one you like. We will deliver your favorite one to your doorstep. We satisfy customers with our secure delivery service!


  • Earliest weaving of banarasi silk was in the Buddhist and Vedic times. There is significant evidence of its mention in their history.
  • Mughals revived the banarasi weaving in India in the 14th century.
  • The original saree is from the town of Banaras (or Varanasi) in India’s Uttar Pradesh.
  • Many of Varanasi’s surrounding regions Gorakhpur, Bhadohi, and Azamgarh also excel in weaving these saris.
  • Banaras has been an economy booster for India. Through its textile industry since centuries, it brings value and money to India.


  • It takes from 15 days to a whole year to make a banarasi saree.
  • Their design and style suits every body type. Hence, popular among women of all ages and body types.
  • They are, no doubt, a marvelous example of skill and human artistry.
  • Mughal queen Noor Jehan was fond of the banarasi weave.
  • The effect of the invention of power looms on the hand loom weavers is great. Though, admirers of saree value handwoven sarees the most.
  • Available in every color.
  • They are popular for their gold and silver brocade.
  • Symbolic for traditional festivities like weddings and poojas.
  • In the present mainstream fashion, this saree is a popular choice.
  • Celebrities opt for banarasi sarees on public festivals.
  • An Indian bride’s trousseau is incomplete without this sari.


  • The art of weaving a banarasi saree is a prime example of skilled craftsmanship.
  • To weave the saree, craftsmen use a 24-meter base at first.
  • At least three craftsmen make a single saree.
  • The design is firstly made on graph paper. Then the pattern is formed on punch cards.
  • After this, these punch cards are a guide to form design on the fabric.


Different types of banarasi sarees, read here.


  1. Silk: A pure silk banarasi saree is a pride of every Indian woman. The silk fabric gives a glistening effect. It gives a decorative feel which is needed occasionally.
  2. Georgette: When light Georgette fabric combines with the banarasi weave, a beautiful formal saree forms. Georgette saree is a widely available category.
  3. Organza: the lustrous organza is another popular fabric in sarees. Yuvina Fashion has a collection of pretty banarasi organza sarees.
  4. Net: the inspiring net sarees are a dream of every saree lover. Net gives a sensuous look to the wearer. Designer net sarees are available in banarasi style on our portal.
  5. Linen: For someone who loves comfort, linen banarasi saree is the answer. The slight shine of linen gives a nice look. There are beautiful banarasi sarees in our collection.
  6. Cotton: Our very own comfortable cotton comes to our rescue in hot weather. Especially in the form of formal banarasi cotton sarees. A great option for women who prefer to stay cool even on festive occasions.
  7. Jute: Fine jute silk saris are available in splendid and eye-catching designs.
  8. Chiffon: The most popular fabric in the saree world is chiffon. Magnificent chiffon banarasi sarees are available at Yuvina Fashion.

  1. Bengali: The intricate weave of Banaras is popular in Bengali style. They look beautiful when worn on wedding occasions.
  2. Patola: Now you can get a charming look easily. Opt pretty patola pattern banarasi saree from our collection.
  3. Kanjeevaram: Ethnicity is in its purest form in Kanjeevaram and Banarasi style. These sarees are popular among South Indian women. No matter in which part of the world they live, they buy these sarees for big occasions.
  4. Zari: Who doesn’t love the beautiful zari work on sarees? The deal becomes more likable if the popular banarasi has zari work on it. Available in splendid colors and designs, zari banarasi sarees are our special feature.
  5. Ikkat: Skilled banarasi weavers use the ikkat dying technique to make magnificent ikkat sarees. We have stunning designs in this category
  6. Modern: When classic banarasi sarees come with a modern twist, it becomes style worthy. These can be an option for evening parties.
  7. Pattu: South Indian pattu sarees are available in our wide range.

1.Fancy: They are a great option for fancy wear. They are available in new styles and designs.

2.Wedding:  A top choice for wedding wear. Women living abroad proudly wear banarasi sarees for wedding occasions.


It’s not a big deal whether you live in the US, UK, Australia or anywhere in the world. You can get your hands on a pretty banarasi saree of your choice. You can turn heads on any occasion and inspire even the foreigners! Browse our amazing collection now! Book the saree of your dreams from the comfort of your home.

How to Wear Banarasi saree?

In this video, you will find lots of styles for wearing banarasi silk saree perfectly to look more beautiful and gorgeous.

banarasi sarees

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